eazzy having s*x with keitta in the big brother house+video

Written by on June 4, 2012


keitta and eazzy in a passionate mood

To watch a sex video is an experience on its own but to watch a sex video of people you know is definitely something else but Ghanaian singer Eazzy, known in private life as Mildred Ashong, is reported to have had sex with her boyfriend on live TV being watched by millions across Africa including her home country, Ghana.
Already, an excerpt of the video has been downloaded and is being widely circulated on social media and mobile phones as viewers get shell-shocked watching Eazzy being bonked by her boyfriend, Keitta Osei, an international model.

Eazzy, 25 and Keitta, 22 were in the Downville House of the Big Brother Stargame competing with other nationals for the $300,000 cash prize.
Keitta was upgraded to the Upville House after last night’s live eviction show and is therefore still in the competition for the money.
Persons who watched the show last Friday night saw the two passionately bonking as though no one was watching.
The video shows Keitta on top of Eazzy with her legs spread open as they lay in the missionary position, enjoying a passionate ‘French Kiss’ while caressing and fondling.
Though they had a blanket on, half of their bodies were exposed and Eazzy’s naked thighs, hips and legs were very visible.
Keitta also had his bare back showing, with the blanket covering his waist downwards.
While they were still kissing, Eazzy pulled the blanket over them properly as Keitta was still on top of her.
Keitta’s waist was then seen moving up and down several times, making viewers believe he was thrusting his lady.

Keitta and Eazzy were the only official lovers in the contest.
In all, there are some 35 competitors from various African countries but 14 of them have been evicted.
Eazzy and Keitta were up for eviction yesterday and it is believed they bonked in the show in a desperate attempt to attract votes to save them from eviction.
Whatever the reasons may be, the consensual sex between the adult lovers has sparked a heated debate as to whether they acted right or wrong.
Reggie Rockstone
The originator of hiplife, Reggie Rockstone, is Keitta’s blood brother.
Reggie told Peace FM’s Entertainment Review last Saturday that he did not watch the exact part of the show where Eazzy and Keitta were reported to have had sex because he could not have watched his ‘sister-in-law’ being screwed by his kid brother.
Rockstone was however quick to explain that unlike the other Housemates who had sex in the house, Eazzy and Keitta are lovers in real life; therefore he saw nothing wrong with two adult lovers agreeing to have sex.
The hiplife legend opined that Keitta and Eazzy might have decided to go that far because they were up for eviction and had to play their trump card.
Eazzy was the first housemate to be evicted yesterday after receiving the lowest votes.
The Ghanaian singer was a no-show on stage after carrying through with her threat to boycott the live eviction show because she did not get Brazilian hair for her hairstyle.
Whilst the other nominees were getting their hair done earlier in the day, the ‘Go Go Wind’ singer threw a tantrum and abandoned the hairstylists when she did not get the Brazilian hair she requested, threatening to boycott the live eviction show.

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