Everything I Said Is Not My Story – Moesha Boduong Confesses

Written by on 06/01/2022

Repented actress and socialite Moesha Boduong has revealed a shocking twist to her repentance story.

Moesha has opened up on all what she said in a viral video in which she made several shocking revelations and alleged suicide attempt on top of an uncompleted building in East Legon, was not a story about her but God used her to tell the world.

Moesha however, confirmed her relationship with a man of God who according to her was her only true companion. The “Away Bus” actress was not ready to disclose the identity of that the man of God but she emphasized that he is the genesis of her spiritual encounter with God and everything else that happened to few months ago.


According to her, the man of God is going through so much public condemnation after God used her confession video to make all of the world think that she was a victim of her own story .

Moesha confirmed that she loves him so much and he has established a water business for her and few other businesses and he helped her get her own home in Ajjringanor, which most people don’t even know. Contrary to reports that she is poor and has nothing after she repented.

“Branding my business with my identity would never make anyone purchase my great brand ,since the world hates to make actresses rich through their businesses. I am a great entrepreneur that was never seen working but I was making so much money silently ,and always pretending to the whole world. Indeed I am a smart young woman” .

Moesha revealed that God used her to make everyone realize that ,she was not a happy person but on the contrary, she was such a bubbly and happy soul full of positivity and most people loved to be always around her.

She added that all the revelations made by her PA in a leaked audio are all lies and her Personal Assistant Nelson is already confessing to few friends of hers .

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All that Nelson said were fabricated stories and I would personally invite him to an interview and make him publicly confess to the general public . I am never all that my PA said about me .I only accept the story about Salma because …she openly fought me online for the whole world to see God is king” .

Moesha Boduong says many women are using her confession video to extort and blackmail her lover, the man of God for money .

God used me so much that ,I never realized that the man of God was going through so much pain for all the fabricated stories about him online. I was the most happiest woman because ,all my life that man of God was my only true love and great confidant” .

Speaking about her presence on social media, she stated that Moesha is officially back on Instagram as a woman of God ,evangelist ,prophetess and a preacher .

I would do many great things for the kingdom of God and many women would also realize that ,God truly touched me and is going to make me a great leader for other women to follow my foot steps . God used me so much that I can’t even come out to speak on my current situation to the media …because no one would believe me and what went through . So much pain during my encounter with God. No one would ever believe me but ,God used her mightily” .

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