Kasoa Ritual Killing: Alleged Killer Expected To Be Rich By Easter Monday – Friends Reveal

Written by on April 7, 2021

Uncle of the deceased 11-year-old boy of the Kasoa incident, Mohammed Danjuma has recounted how friends of one of the killers revealed how he was convinced of getting rich after the murder incident.

According to Mohammed, these youngsters narrated that the oldest among the two killers always visited their usual place of smoking weed and confirmed that by Easter Monday, he will be a rich person. Little did they know, however, that he had allegedly killed someone for money rituals.

Speaking to Raymond Nyamador on the Happy Morning Show, Mohammed shared:

His friends are saying that whenever he comes to their weed-smoking base, he always tells them that by Monday, he was going to be rich.
But for the other accomplice, there are no complaints about him. But for the older one, everyone has confirmed that he is a smoker”.

Mohammed furthered that there were very bad reports of the alleged 18-year-old killer in the neighborhood.

One woman came to testify that she took him [the alleged killer] in as her own son but his behavior scared her and so she had no option than to send him away. The next morning, he came to scatter her flower pots and left her a message that he will make her life unbearable. The woman made the police arrest him but he was released after four days”,

Mohammed narrated.


Source: etvghana.com

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