deeba arrested for defiling his 8 year old daughter

Written by on 01/16/2013

Deeba in handcuffs with Anas dressed as a lady

Hiplife musician Deeba Akyampong, whose songs became mega hits in the 1990s, has been accused of having regular bouts of hot spicy sex with an 8-year old girl who happens to be his step-daughter.

He is alleged to have defiled the poor child on several occasions through the anus after which he physically assaulted her. The incident happened in the UK where he had been on the wanted list for some time now.

The Ghanaian musician was in the early hours of Tuesday arrested for the alleged crimes while he was attending a supposed ‘audition’ at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra.

The arrest was made by security officials from Interpol (UK), and the Ghana Police Service in an undercover operation masterminded by award winning investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.


A copy of the summary of evidence put together by Northampton Police and seen by NEWS-ONE said Deeba was in a relationship with a certain Augistina and that he has two children with her.

The statement said Augustina was working night shifts and Deeba took care of the children while she was away.

The 8-year-old daughter of Augustina (name withheld) later told her mother that Deeba had been “sleeping with her” using his “thing”.

The girl also told the Police that Deeba had made her watch pornographic movies with him and that she had seen “white stuff” come out of his penis.

She also stated that Deeba had put his penis in her bottom a couple times and that it hurt.

The statement continued that Augustina earlier had cause to suspect that Deeba might have been abusing the young girl following an incident in which the girl had wet herself at school and a member of staff observed blood in her underwear.

The girl’s bed sheet was said to have gone missing that same day.


At the time these revelations and allegations were made, Deeba had returned to Ghana but Interpol continued to track him and finally made contact with the Ghana Police Service.

The Ghana Police in turn made contact with Anas to help fish the suspect out.

Anas disguise himself with a prosthetic face of a lady designed by a London–based company.

He was dressed as a lady with nice firm breasts, curvy hips and long hair and managed to lure Deeba to the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel where he was supposed to have auditioned for a music contract.

He was picked up during the ‘audition’ and told why exactly he had been arrested.

Reports say he may be sent to the UK to face trial because the crime did not happen in Ghana.

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