DJs are you ready for the National DJ Championship 2013?

Written by on 03/09/2013

Merqury Republic broke the boundaries of the DJ World in March 2012 when launching the enormously evergreen Ghana DJ Awards took place at the plush African Regent Hotel in Accra. Now they head us into the real deal; the National DJ Championship!

The NDC is an annual event which promises to secure the art of the DJ for years to come placing it before a national audience and opening the competing arena to every DJ in Ghana.

Ghana’s most creative DJs are now preparing to take part in the biggest DJ competition ever in Ghana’s history!  

The 2013 National DJ Championship launches in May 2013.
According to organizers, Merqury Republic, there are no limitations on the equipment the DJs wish to use in their performances. The format of the Championships will commence with contestants registering with their filmed two minute performance followed by zonal competitions; Northern Zone, Central Zone and Southern Zone. 

Any DJ or aspiring DJ can now take part in the biggest DJ competition in Ghana.

How it works:
Stage 1:         DJs register with a filmed 2 minute demo performance.
Stage 2:         Zonal competitions are held, judges and public decide the best nine DJs.
Stage 3:         The Top 9 are judged by DMC DJs who decide which 1 DJ from each zone go through to the Final.
Stage 4:         The 3 DJ Finalists prepare full 6 minute performance for the final.
Stage 5:         DMC World Champions are invited to vote to decide who is to become the National DJ Champion.

This event takes us into territories we have never visited before. Ghana is now truly in focus and it may surprise you to notice how many great DJs are rushing towards the National DJ Championship who have never before had this opportunity. And with them come their fans and supporting friends.
We are very excited about the National DJ Championship which is scheduled to commence in May!
DJs! Get your 2 minute sets ready now! The first round will begin in June!

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