How To Deal With A Girl Who Doesn’t Love You

Written by on 06/09/2014

1. Establish where she stands. Before you take any other steps, you really need to know if this is the right thing to do. It will be incredibly hard to make an emotional U-turn and you may find once you’ve given up your love, it won’t come back.

2. Deal with the Rejection. There are other wikiHow articles to help you handle rejection. Try ‘How to Get Over Rejection’, or ‘How to Deal with Heartbreak’. The immediate shock of rejection is the first hurdle.

3. Try and move on. It’s probably best at this stage just to move on, and get her out of your thoughts. If you have any mementos, put them away or get your parents to throw them out for you.

4. Talk to Someone. You need to get this off your chest, so it’s probably a good idea to select a good friend or trustworthy family member to just talk about it with. Talking about this will make the getting on with life a great deal easier.

5. Build a new life. It’s time to draw a line under this chapter of your life. Tell yourself you’ve finished with that. She won’t love you, and maybe there’s someone who will. All this means is that you have to wait a bit longer.

6. Join a new activity. It may sound absurd, but joining a new activity leaves you less free time to think about it. You might also find new friends who will take up more of your attention, which will speed up and ease the forgetting process.

7. Give it some time. Don’t go looking for love again straight away. You’re still young. Focus on building up your friendships and social life. If love comes knocking at the door in the meantime, it’ll be a bonus, but not the object of your search.

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