Kwadwo Nkansah[Lil Win] Mad At MTN

Written by on June 4, 2014

Kwadwo Nkansah in an MTN ad

After going off the stage for about ten minutes, after an electrifying performance by courtesy of Lil Wyn, Guru and his partner Lil Wyn came back on stage again to perform some more songs. I am not too sure if that was how their performance was planned as I do not see the reason for the ten minutes break.

Back on stage, Lil Wyn got the crowd into a higher level of excitement with some songs that I am not too aware of.  He exhibited some fantastic dance moves and was all over the stage as he entertained the crowd. However, Lil Wyn’s super performance on stage got marred  with his ” endorsement” of the use of wee.

Just before leaving the stage, Lil Wyn was seen with a polythene bag. Not too sure what was in the bag and its intended use, people were so eager to listen to him. Quite surprisingly, Lil Wyn encouraged the crowd to use wee as it has the potency of making people happy when they are sad. That was really disappointing on the part of Lil Wyn and realizing so, Dj Black had to usher Lil Wyn off the stage by playing some loud sounds without allowing Lil Wyn to go further.

Even though Lil Wyn is an MTN Ambassador and needed to be supported by MTN in his activities, just some minutes after the distasteful pronouncement from Lil Wyn, MTN issued a disclaimer disassociating itself from the conduct of Lil Wyn. It was a step in the right direction that was swiftly taken. If that was not done, it could have rippling effects on the reputation of MTN. It’s not so  clear if Lil Wyn may lose his ambassadorial status as a result of his conduct but if it so happens, Lil Wyn would have to blame himself and no one else.

Speaking to Flex on Pluzz in an exclusive interview, Lil Wyn’s manager revealed that if Lil Wyn had been allowed to finish with his act, he would have been understood well and the brouhaha would not have come up. According to him, Lil Wyn’s act was not made aware to Empire Entertainment as it was meant to surprise the organizers and the audience.
With all these brouhaha ongoing, Lil Wyn has registered his unhappiness at MTN. He was of the view that it would have been appropriate if MTN had called him after the show to explain issues. He made this known on Tv3’s New Day on Monday May 26th, 2014 when he was interviewed by Ama  K. Abebrese.


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