man bashes landlord after catching him having sex with his wife

Written by on May 19, 2012

A GWERU man recently went berserk and severely assaulted his landlord after he allegedly caught him red-handed, pants down, having sex with his wife. The enraged man landed himself in more problems when the assaulted landlord allegedly retaliated by evicting him from his house.

The man reportedly lost his wife in the process to the landlord. The incident, which reads more like a movie script, occurred last week at a house along Serima Road in Mambo suburb in Gweru.

The man narrated his ordeal to Chronicle, highlighting how his landlord snatched his wife and evicted him from his house. He said he intended to sue the landlord for snatching his wife.

“It’s a very painful experience to say the least because I did not expect my wife to betray me to that extent. She has been cheating on me, having an extra-marital affair with my landlord. As if that was not enough, when I was evicted for assaulting the landlord after catching him pants down with my wife, she refused to move out with me and remained at the landlord’s house,” he said.

He said by staying put at the house, his wife had apparently chosen the landlord over him. The man who, however, indicated that he was no longer interested in re-uniting with his wife of two years, also accused the landlord of unlawfully evicting him.

“I suspect that my landlord and my wife had planned all this. After catching them red-handed in my bedroom, he decided to evict me without giving me any notice. To my surprise, my wife refused to leave and until now she is occupying the same room that we used to have as our lodgings. I am, however, still seeking legal advice on how to tackle this situation,” he said.

The wife declined to comment when she was contacted for comment. The landlord confirmed that he evicted the tenant for “unbecoming behaviour” and dismissed his former tenant’s claims that he was in an illicit affair with the wife.

“I confirm that I evicted the man for his unbecoming behaviour. He is the best person to tell you the reasons for his eviction but to say that I snatched his wife is totally untrue,” he said.

The landlord said the man’s wife was still occupying the rented room she used to occupy with her estranged husband as she was now serving a notice.

“I could not continue accommodating him because of his violent behaviour and his wife is only serving notice. I am still expecting my rentals from the wife until their three months notice period lapses,” said the landlord.

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