Multi TV And FIPAG To Organize Movie Awards?

Written by on 06/04/2014

Ola Michael [PRO Fipag]

When I heard the news that Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) and Ghana Actors Guild would not lend their support to Ghana Movie Awards organizers and would not have anything to do with them, I asked myself, “will that affect the movie awards?”

These two bodies are big institutions that represent actors and film makers in Ghana and one would expect that just as MUSIGA has a stake in the organization of Ghana Music Awards, they would also have a hand in the movie awards.

However, they say the movie awards organizers are not doing certain things right and talks with them to straighten things have not yielded any good results.    That informs their decision to withdraw from the awards. But the question again is, will they pulling out affect the work and putting together of the
awards?     Once these bodies have nothing to do with the Ghana Movie Awards, will all their members oblige and have nothing to do with Fred Nuamah’s Ghana Movie Awards?

Will that mean all members of these two associations will not be nominated in the awards. I guess it may pose a bit of a challenge especially when not all actors form part of these associations. Recent information has it that FIPAG is planning of teaming up with Multi TV to organize an award for its members. But how different is Multi TV going to do this award?
There is nothing wrong with having more award schemes for the movie industry. At least monopoly breeds complacency so having this new award scheme will bring competition, which is healthy for the growth of every industry. My only prayer is that if truly Multi TV would do his awards, then it must be done well. They need not repeat the same mistakes Fred Nuamah has done or they would look stupid in the eyes of people.

I also would advise Fred Nuamah not to lose hope in continuing with the Ghana Movie Awards. The beginning of everything is very difficult but having the determination to forge ahead makes it work. He should get focused and listen to advice. If he really wants to see the Ghana Movie Awards stay, then he has a lot of work to do. Long live Ghana Movie Awards, long live the yet-to-arrive movie awards from the stables of FIPAG and Multi TV.


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