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Written by on 06/19/2013

One major headline online publication is TV3 Mentor Judge, Mark Okraku Mantey’s branding of Criss Waddle’s ‘Ayi’ as a song of no value. This branding choked the fans of Criss Waddle resulting in scads of attacks on Mark Okraku Mantey on the Social Media.

Criss Waddle who is not in Ghana at the moment when contacted by us on this issue did not see why his song should be a measure gauge in Mentor. The arguably Richest Artiste in Ghana when speaking to this Reporter sounded disappointed in Mark’s comment about his hit song epitomizing  his judgement.

To the hit song title holder Criss Waddle, it was his fans who alerted him on Mark’s comment about his song as tweets from lovers of the song and ardent fans attacking the ‘stinking’ comment by Mark.

“I’m not contesting in Mentor so Okraku Mantey should take my name out of his mouth” Criss Waddle cautioned. Undeniably, Mark’s comment on ‘Ayi’ which was passed after one of the contestants, Gabby performed ‘Ma y3 s3 mo pen’ by O.J came as a shock to viewers of the turned ‘comic show’, Mentor.

“This is like a Technical Skills Teacher trying to mark a Science student”, “Which Artiste has Mark Okraku Mantey produced successfully in Ghana before?”, “His Record label is even a failure” among others were some of the attacks rained on the CEO of the failed Slip Music, Mark Okraku Mantey.

To others however, it is usual of Mark Okraku to make such comment as his ‘plain-plain’ nature is what Ghanaians know him for. He hardly caresses comments when he finds it otherwise and that has been his description since TV3 Mentor began.

To many, Okraku Manety will be on a solid ground to make such remarks after successfully producing an Artiste to have a hit song in Ghana. Until then, most people see his comments beneath contempt.

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