richard kingston’s wife confesses of being responsible for his career shortfalls

Written by on 09/03/2012

They say only witches go witch hunting especially in broad daylight.

You would expect that in 2012, Africa/Ghana/Nigeria would be very far from that but o, No!

So yes, I am shocked but angry to be the one to report on the disgrace homeboy Olele and his family have been forced to go through.

Over the weekend, many Ghanaians who usually watch Emmanuel TV, were speechless to see Richard Kingston’s wife confessing at The Synagogue Church in Nigeria, that she is a witch and has been fully responsible for Richard Kingston’s career shortfalls as she has been sabotaging him spiritually.

In a possessed, trans-like way, she told the congregation about how she has been spiritually working on Richard Kingston since they got married to the point of even making him impotent!

The popular, controversial pastor of the church-TB Joshua, urged her to say everything including all that she is still hiding. He then prayed for her to take the witchcraft spirit put of her…Indeed!

I have never been a fan of TB Joshua and even though his followers will come and bash me, I do not care. He does not leave a holy impression on me. Never ever have I been touched by his shenanigans and methods of brainwashing innocent gullible people into mental slavery.

I cannot blame TB Joshua and his Emmanuel TV crew entirely. Who asked Mrs. Kingston to even take herself there huh? And on daytime TV for that matter.

Why some women go crying to men of God over every situation, I will never understand. She better have an explanation for her family for dragging their faces in the mud like this.

I hope the family will know how to manage this new situation.

And to Africa, when will you open your eyes to more progressive ways of living? And no religious fanatic should even come and spew his/her ignorance on what I am saying. Because I am not saying God is not real but we are all children of God and he walks with us all everyday. Learn to talk to him yourself. He will listen!

Don’t run to the propaganda and fame hungry pastors who will splash your dirt all over the world to prove their power to the world. Why does a genuine man of God enjoy being in the limelight so much so that he is always up in every business trying hard to associate with big names to bring attention and more members to his church?

When I see situations such as these, I am convinced that the white man totally enslaved us. They knew exactly what to feed us to leave us mentally enslaved forever.

Before I conclude, let me congratulate Emmanuel TV on once again throwing a marriage and families into turmoil in the name of cheap spiritual domination and popularity.  May they sort out their deeds with the God they diligently serve?

Can I hear an Amen?


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