Dobble, E.L, Guru and Asem Calls This Years Vodafone Awards (VGMA) “As To Whom u Know Awards”

Written by on 03/04/2013

Just a few hours after Charter House released the nominations list for the fourteenth edition of the annual Ghana Music Awards, hell broke loose within the music fraternity, with musicians like EL, Guru, Asem and Dobble expressing their disappointments.
Interestingly, even some musicians like EL and ASEM who got several nominations still raised issues with the nomination list, questioning the criteria and challenging their fairness.
Asem has his doubts and a lot of questions in mind which he needs a lot of answers by the VGMA Team.. He twitted Bossu Kule and on his wall about those questions..

Asem goes like, “Ok so the nomination list is out and I would like to commend the VGMA board but I have serious questions that need answers….all I have is a curious mind that needs answer.

Let’s go straight to the point and ask VGMA why I wasn’t nominated for Artiste of the Year and hip-life Artiste of the Year?

“Yes I got 7 nominations, am [I] excited about it? Not really because when you deserve diamonds and they give you gold, you ask why the diamond did not come.

Let’s not digress, now let’s go into the technicalities and what factors contribute to making an act Artiste of the Year.

Factors for Artiste of the Year: Release a good Album, Massive airplay on radio, clubs etc etc, performed on major shows, visibility etc etc.

‘I’m not trying to spark any controversy or accuse the VGMA board of foul play.

I’m just a curious mind with questions that need answers.  Let’s not focus on who shouldn’t be there.

The question is why I was not there for Artiste of the Year and from where I stand, I meet the criteria,” an obviously disappointed Asem took to his twitter page to complain

According to one of our best Azonto music icon and Hip Hop Rapper EL,

When NEWS-ONE called him on phone Sunday morning to congratulate him for also bagging five nominations, he did not seem excited and complained about similar things Asem had raised on his twitter page.

“I am shocked but well they are the organizers and can do what they want to do but I am very disappointed I am not in the nomination for Artiste of the Year. It is strange when you go by the criteria.

They should look at the requirements, the numbers and the evidence on the ground and use that as the basis for selection rather than bring together people who may have their preferences and favorites or interests. That is just not fair.

“Numbers do not lie and if they had followed the numbers they would have a different list for Artiste of the Year.

They should look at the evidence and stop the favoritism.

They should look at all the several shows I played in all over the country and in other countries, Australia, London, the States.

They should look at all the international recognition and nomination , they should look at visibility and hard work.

How can you say ‘Kaalu’ for instance is not popular enough to be nominated for Song of the Year? Funny.

“Well fine, Album of the Year and the rest was just to compensate me and I don’t know why they nominated me for Producer of the Year.

That award should go to Nshorna Musik because he best deserves it this year and not me.

I don’t need it. I’ve been producing songs from whenever; why nominate me now?” E.L. noted.

Guru, another musician who has also gotten a lot of disappointments from this years VGMA organisers also twitted his ordeal on his twitter page some few days ago, involving one of the recent hitz tracks in Ghana, Lapaz Toyota

He took to twitter to write: “I am very disappointed, it’s amazing how my hit song “#LapazToyota” was not nominated in this year’s @GHMusicAwards @vodafoneGhana”

Just yesterday, The seke boys, Dobble, who performed in every region and streets of Ghana with their recent single EEE MANA MANA also tweeted that,
‘Vodafone, charter haus family and friends music awards lol….A.K.A yenim yehu hahahaha’
This tweet shows how they have gotten disappointments in this year VGMA when their recent single EEE MANA MANA wasnt nominated even once in any of the categories…
This clearly shows that it is indeed a family and friends affair..

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