X’treme Causing Motion To Our Beautiful Ladies

Written by on 03/04/2013

There is no doubt our African ladies keep on saying good things about this new discovered Ghanaian Musician who is currently working so hard like Nigerian musician Timaya…

X’treme happens to be his name and not only our indigenous West African Ladies who have a crush on him, most west African men are beginning to like his musics since most of his works attracts ladies…

Just recently, most artists have started doing songs that are danceable and nice to our beautiful ladies, we have artists like Tracy Thornton’s “Bum Shaker”, Mr. MonkeyBum’s “I’m a Bum Shaker”. Not quite long ago, Timaya came up with “Shake Your Bum Bum”.  But this season, this virus artist in
Ghana X’treme did one of the best songs so far titled “Bum Bum Shaker”

I dont really understand the meaning of the Bum Bum thing but i think he is sending a message to all the sexy hot chicks in the building to Shake what their mama gave them…
Am not the type that likes Azonto much buh this kind of song by X’treme is the future for Ghana music and causing an airborne disease to most artists out there..

It is produced and recorded by Article Wan at Wilda Studios, Accra. Though recently released, it has become the talk-of -town afrobeats song among the African populace on the streets of London.
Bum Bum Shaker!! Get on the dance floor and do your thing!!

Its time to move to the dance floor with X’treme… Click on the link and download the song of the future…….. http://www.hulkshare.com/1crpqoec6w4o

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