Khamil, Gentleman In Tamale Sextapes Speaks Out [Audio+]

Written by on 08/09/2014

My name is Khamil and i am making this statement in light of all the controversy surrounding the leaked explicit materials. I am sincerely sorry for all the pain and embarrassment my actions have caused to the girls, their families, my parents & extended family, the northern community and the nation as a whole. I regret this situation in every way possible. I admit it was wrong and inappropriate to take such explicit pictures and videos in the first place. It’s a lesson I have had to learn in a hard and disgraceful way.

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The pictures were taken by mutual consent in what were supposed to be private harmless moments back then and any of the sincere ladies involved can attest to that fact. I never leaked them myself and I never intended for them to be made public. I would never purposely publish such images of anyone especially of ladies I dated and care about most of whom remained my good friends until this unfortunate situation happened.

Some of the ladies and their families are close friends with my family so there is no way I will ever do anything of this sort just to embarrass them. The only reason they have been brought to the public domain is because I lost my digital hard disk drive as well as some personal items as I was hurriedly preparing for my trip. I put all the files on the hard disk because I felt they were more secured there than on a phone or camera. Even though I made sure the files were hidden, the person who found the disk drive was able to go through thoroughly to find these images.

The pictures were not taken for the purposes of mischief or material gains. None of the affected girls has ever asked or received anything from me as payment for the pictures. I have never thought of selling nude images like some people claim. We all consented to them out of emotion and excitement that’s why I have my face showing in the pictures.

They trusted me out of affection to keep the explicit images private which I did till I lost my hard disk drive. This is a situation I would never wish on anyone. I advise everyone to desist from such acts even if they feel confident enough they can keep those types of images private. As an I.T person, it’s that kind of believe I had that I could always keep those files hidden and private till I lost the hard disk so easily.

People are now even sharing pictures of some girls I don’t even know saying they are part of the pictures I took. This statement is not meant to justify me taking the pictures in the first place and it’s not excuse for what is happening.

I accept I was wrong and I deserve all the objective criticism. But I am only human and we all have our private lives that are meant to stay private. I however regret keeping the images and causing this magnitude of pain to innocent families…my whole extended family included. To the ladies, I know an apology is not going to restore your lost pride. I know it’s not going to ease the pain. I know it’s not going to give you back whatever you have lost.

I also know the road to recovery is going to be a slow and difficult one but I know it can be achieved if we learn lessons from this mistake/misfortune and better our lives. I am humbly pleading to all those who have the explicit materials to kindly delete them and stop sharing them through social media. Whatever your reasons maybe, please show some mercy and stop sharing them.

Lots of lives have been destroyed and made difficult already so please have some compassion and stop sharing and making updates about this. I appreciate all the genuine support from friends, family and strangers. And the honest criticism from everyone has been very well accepted and the lessons

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